Version up History

This article records all changes on each version of BUZZ Player

What's new in this version

Older versions up history

What's new in this version

Upgrade of version 6.0.0:

☆ Support armv7s and arm64 natively:

☆ New UI and Features:

☆ Improve Media Player:

☆ Support iOS8 and fix bugs:

Older versions up history

Upgrade of version 5.0.1:

☆ Fix some bugs and improve some funtions in all iOS version and iPad device:

☆ Fix some bugs relate to iOS version and iPad device:

Upgrade of version 5.0.0:

☆ Support iOS 7 and new user interface for iOS 7.

☆ Improve user interface with gentle icon sets and some other changes.

☆ Improve Video Playback module

☆ Improve Picture Viewer module for iPad 2 and later with new user interface, more functions and stability:

☆ Improve Internet Browser module with more functions and stability:

☆ Improve Network Browser module with more stability and support simultaneously play and copy video files via SAMBA server.

Upgrade of version 4.1.0:

☆ Upgrade "Media Download" feature. Now, user can download standard audio (mp3, wav, 3gp) & video (mp4, 3gp, mov) from almost website.

☆ Add "Video Converter" feature. Now, user can convert all video files to mp4 format with various options and amazing conversion speed.

☆ Improve Video Playback Quality that allows play mp4 HD video via SAMBA & AFP protocols smoothly.

☆ Add new feature to support playing 3D video.

Upgrade of version 4.0.2:

☆ Change color conversion algorithm for better video display.

Upgrade of version 4.0.0:

☆ Improve playback quality by using GPU hardware color conversion (iOS version 5.0 or later only).

☆ Newly support view pictures: 13+ picture file formats (jpg, jpeg, jpe, jp2, bmp, png, gif, tiff, tif, cbz, ico, pict, tga), 10000 pixels x 10000 pixels picture (~100 MB JPG file). Please refer to View Pictures topic for more details.

Upgrade of version 3.1.0:

☆ New MKV Player allows to play 1080p MKV video:

Upgrade of version 3.0.3:

☆ Fix some bugs and improve some functions:

Upgrade of version 3.0.2:

☆ Fix some bugs and improve "Disable Auto Lock Screen" function:

Upgrade of version 3.0:

☆ User Interface:

☆ Wifi sharing:

☆ Web Browser:

☆ Others:

Upgrade of version 2.0.2:

☆ Relate to iOS 5:

☆ Playback function:

☆ Wifi sharing (HTTP server):

☆ Web Browser:

Upgrade of version 2.0.1:

☆ Fix some bugs:

Upgrade of version 2.0:

☆ Newly support AFP and WebDav servers.

☆ Fix bugs on iOS 5: cannot open file with buzzplayer:// scheme; don't automatically update files list after transfering files from iTunes; cannot delete folder contains files.

☆ Fix bug cannot download file in background, bug crash when resume playing video from background and some bugs relate to manage files.

Upgrade of version 1.9.4:

☆ Fix bug cannot access samba share files on Mac LION servers. Note: to connect as Guest user on Mac LION servers, please type user name "guest" and blank or arbitrary password.

☆ Change UI icons

Upgrade of version 1.9.3:

Local Network browser:

+ Fix bug permission of Guest user when play samba share files on some Windows servers

+ Correct some misspelling messages

Upgrade of version 1.9.2:

Local Network browser:

+ Fix bug cannot play/copy samba share when connect as Guest user on Windows server

+ Save status of Local network windows after playing network files

Upgrade of version 1.9.1:

Fix bugs of version 1.9:

+ Fix bug crash when tap Done button on playback screen

+ Fix bug cannot remember local network screen in some cases

Upgrade of version 1.9:

Local Network browser:

+ Improve uPnP browsing method to fix some bugs: empty folders on some NAS such as Synology, unstable displaying contents of uPnP share folders

+ Add function to cancel action when connect to a local network share item

+ Add setting "General" > "Auto Search Share Servers" to avoid auto search sharing server at first time open "Browse Network" screen

+ Fix some bugs of FTP, SMB: cannot connect with user name that has password contains special characters: @, #...; cannot re-connect with other user name, password

+ Fix bug crash when browsing local network and the wifi is broken


+ Fix bug sometimes crash when play HD and full HD video

+ Add setting "Playback" > "Auto Hide Playback Controls" to allow remain showing Onscreen Playback Controls while playing files


+ Fix bug duplicate Network History items

+ Little change on user interface appearance

Upgrade of version 1.8:

Playback quality:

+ Fix bug playback quality of version 1.7 and continue improve video rendering algorithm to display video more smoothly

+ Add "Decoding Method" setting to select appropriate decoding method for normal video or large video (HD, full HD video)


+ Fix bug don't display external subtitle through Samba (SMB)

+ Fix bug display wrong internal bipmap subtitle

+ Fix bug display wrong subtitle shadow on external display

Upgrade of version 1.7:

Playback quality:

+ Improve video rendering algorithm to display HD video more smoothly

+ Add "Software Color Conversion" setting to fix color conversion problem for some video sources (IP camera, some video files...)

+ Fix bug crash when play serial YUV flash video.

+ Fix bug cannot play 3gp file with “Auto Select Engine” in iOS 4.3.2 and later

Local Network browser:

+ Improve browse samba speed

+ Fix bug cannot browse samba folder contain “%” character

Video Subtitle:

+ Add shadow to subtitle

+ Fix bug display wrong image embedded subtitle

Built-in Web Browser:

+ Auto change %20 to space character in download file name from web

External Display:

+ Fix bug incorrect displaying video on some TV models

Upgrade of version 1.6:

Improve video quality:

+ Speed up about 50% to sync between audio and video (especial valuable with mkv and rmvb file)

+ Support xdiv (avi) file to play HD (720p)

+ Support xdiv (avi) file to play full HD but still very slow and need improve more

Upgrade of version 1.5:

Add AirPlay feature for video

With AirPlay feature support, you can streaming all BUZZ Player supported audio/video files (need AirVideo application on PC if play non-standard Apple supported video files) on your Apple TV by using BUZZ Player. You can easily play a list of audio, video files, not only one file.

NOTE: to use AirPlay to play video file, you need Apple TV 2 and update to iOS 4.3 on both your iPhone/iPod Touch and Apple TV.

Improve some functions:

+ Allow user rename extension of file

+ Support vdr which can play on previous version when change to mpg extension

+ Add more subtitle font sizes: 10, 12, 14

+ Auto detect subtitle file format to display subtitle even when the subtitle was accident changed the extension (ex: from .srt to .sub)

Fix some bugs:

+ Fix bug of External Display feature that cannot display full screen on some TV model.

+ Bug don't save Subtitle text encoding for next time launch BUZZ Player

+ Bug don't save playing position when tap Done button on Playback screen

+ Fix bug display wrong message when rename file/folder to new file/folder name that already exist

+ Fix bug don't display BUZZ Player in "Open In" list on iOS 4.3

Upgrade of version 1.4:

Add Air Video support for Built-in Network Browser

With Air Video support, you can browse, play media sharing files from Air Video Server on your PC for good video quality with live conversion video format feature of Air Video Server. Read more detail on "Browse Local Network" topic

Add feature to disable iTunes USB Sharing

This feature allow you to disable synchronize your Documents folder of BUZZ Player on Device when needed (such as when update new version of BUZZ Player from iTunes)

Add function sort Files/Folders: allow you to sort files, folders on device or local network by name, date, file type, file size...

Add function to remember user name / password for Local Network Connection so that you don't need to retype them next time open local network

Improve some functions: display subtitle on more than one line when needed, save text encoding of subtitle

Fix some bugs: miss some local network contents, turn screen 180 degree on start up

Upgrade of version 1.3:

Improve video quality to display full frame of large video

Add Built-in Internet Browser to browse Internet, play and download media files and download zip then unzip to device

Add feature to play and copy folder of Local Network Browser

Add feature to manage files/folders: 3 level folders, rename, move, copy files/folders...

Playback function: add fast forward, fast backward; add progress while loading video

Add feature to connect Network through cellular network (3G, GPRS...)

Add feature Password protection to protect your private data: password to open application, open specific folders.

Fix some bugs: external display, not saving network playlist, flick playback screen when rotate device continuously multi times, cannot remember position of all media file types

Upgrade of version 1.2:

Add uPnP protocol support for Built-in Network Browser

With uPnP protocol support, you can browse, play and copy sharing media sharing files from uPnP compliance hardwares or softwares. Read more detail on "Browse Local Network" topic

Allow user change aspect ratio of playing video

Read more detail on "Playing Files / Change video's aspect ratio " topic

Improve video quality for VOB files

Add feature Auto-Resume playback position

This feature auto remembers to resume audio/video files on your device or audio/video SMB sharing files on your local network so that media files will play at the position you stopped previous time. Read more detail on "Playing Files / Auto-Resume playback position" topic

Add feature Audio/Video/Subtitle Stream Selector

This feature allow you to select audio/video/subtitle stream of one audio/video file that have multi embedded audio/video/subtitle streams. Read more detail on "Playing Files / Select embedded audio/video/subtitle stream to play" topic

Add feature Auto-Balance audio channels

This feature allow you to justify left-right audio channels while playing an audio/video file. Read more detail on "Playing Files / Justify left-right audio channels" topic

Add feature Subtitle Timing Offset

This feature allow you to justify timing offset of subtitle when playing video files. Read more detail on "Playing Files / Justify subtitle timing offset" topic

Fix bug sometime display video with mirror picture

Upgrade of version 1.1:

Add Built-in Network Browser allows user to play and copy files from Widows/Mac/Linux PC and remote FTP servers. (SMB & FTP Support).

Add feature to display embedded subtitle in videos files.

Add feature to allow user to call BUZZ Player HD to play media files from external application such as mail, readers...

Fix TVOut problem when using AV Component Cable.

Fix screen aspect problem when play DVD file.

Fix bug when play RTSP stream video with authentication