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Network problems

Wifi File Transfer doesn't work

To solve problem of Wifi File Transfer doesn't work, please try to do as follows:

  • If your computer runs under Windows XP, make sure that you have installed the following update from Microsoft:
    (follow this link in your computer's web browser and find the Download the Software Update... downloading link there, then select the correct language of your Windows XP before downloading the update).
  • Hard-reboot your iPhone (with powering off), reboot your computer and restart your WiFi-router (with powering off).
  • Make sure that WiFi-signal strength is good both on your iPhone and on your desktop computer.
  • If your computer is a Windows-based one, delete all previously created network shortcuts that you used for previous connection attempts.
  • Temporarily disable all anti-virus and firewall software of your computer.
  • Make sure that your iPhone and your computer are connected to the same Local network. This is very important.
  • Make sure that you're entering the correct Sharing URL address that BUZZ Player provide to sharing files via WiFi connection. Sharing URL address may change from time to time. Please do NOT assume that it's the same as it was when you were connecting the last time.
  • Make sure that you turn ON "Sharing" feature all the time while connecting by watching "Wifi Sharing" button status on the lower left of main screen of BUZZ Player.

All WiFi traffic becomes extremely slow, connection often breaks, and device even forgets WiFi network

To solve problem of Wifi traffic, please try to do as follows:

  • Check if you have Bluetooth option turned on in main device Settings. If yes, turn it off. It's a known issue that WiFi connection has a conflict with Bluetooth option when it's turned on, even if you don't have any actual Bluetooth device connected. Meanwhite try to turn Bluetooth option off when using WiFi connection.

Cannot browse share files on my local network that using SMB, FTP, UPnP, WebDav protocols

To solve problem of browsing local servers, please try to do as follows:

  • Make sure you enter the correct user name and password when connecting to the shared computer.
  • Make sure your share files are using supported protocols (SMB, FTP...). By default, windows computer share file using SMB protocol.
  • Pull down Connect to Servers screen to refresh latest sharing server list on Network.
  • Check your network connection system and try to restart all devices: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, share point, modem, share computers....
  • If you connect to a Mac OSX computer, you may need to restart File Sharing feature of OSX by turning it OFF then ON.

Some other problems that are not listed here

If you still need more help, please contact us.


Manage Files

More poweful file management functions such as Move, Delete, Rename, Compress, Decompress... files, folders on BUZZ Player at arbitrary levels folder (not only root folder).

USB files transfer

Transfer files from your computers to BUZZ Player using USB connection.

Wifi files transfer

Transfer files from other devices or computers to BUZZ Player using Wifi connection.

Transfer files between iOS apps

Transfer files between BUZZ Player and other apps on your device by using Open In... function of iOS 4 and later, import/export pictures from/to Photos app.

Files sharing via HTTP/WebDAV or Media Server (UPnP)

Detailed instruction to share all files/folders on BUZZ Player via HTTP/WebDAV or Media Server (UPnP) feature.

Web Browser

Download files from Internet to BUZZ Player.

Connect to servers

Download/Upload/Stream files from/to supported servers: FTP, SMB, AFP, WebDav, Dropbox,, Google Docs, Media Server (UPnP).

Video & Audio Player

Detailed instruction when viewing video & audio files (avi, mp4, mp3, mkv...) in Video & Audio player.

Picture Viewer

Detailed instruction when viewing picture files (jpg, png, jpeg, bmp, gif, tif...) in Picture viewer.