BUZZ Player is excellent Media Center for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

This feature is available for:

Excellent Media Player.

  • Play files from network server directly, just connect and play, no need to copy to your device.
  • Support upto Full HD (1080p) H264 movies.
  • Support 3D movies.
  • Support 39 types of video: mpv, mov, mp4, m4v, 3gp, avi,divx,dat, vcd, wmv, bin, iso, vob, mkv, rmvb,ogg, rm, ts, nsv,ram,vfw, mpg, mpeg, m1v, m2v, dv3, gp, mqv, ogm, ogv, asf, dvr-ms, m2t, m2ts, rec, bik, dv.
  • Support 36 types of audio: mp3, wav, ac3, aif, adts,aiff, aifc, caf, au,m4a, snd, sd2, wma, aac,ra, ape, flac, aa, aa3, acm, afc, at3, cpr, dcf, dss, emp, emx, iff, m1a, m4b, m4r, mod, mpa, nra, vpm, amr.
  • Support internal and external subtitle of video including srt, ass, ssa, sub, msi, embedded-subtitle.
  • Support various of protocols: file://, http://, https://, ftp://, smb://, mms://, mmsh://, mmst://, rtsp://, rtp://, rmtp://, rtmp://" "rtmps://, mpst://.

Useful Picture Viewer.

  • View picture from server without copying to your device.
  • Allow to add pictures from server to iOS Photo Library.
  • Support most types of picture: jpg, jpeg, jpe, jp2, bmp, png, gif, tiff, tif, cbz, ico, pict, tga.
  • Support high resolution picture.
  • Post picture to Facebook and Twitter directly.
  • Send email and print picture directly.

Manage Files in both your device and remote servers.

  • You can create file/folder, move/copy/delete them.
  • You can also download/upload file from a remote server.
  • You can protect the private file/folder with locked mechanism.
  • You can deal the file in local documents by using others application.

Built-in network browser.

  • Detect automatically all shares in the local network (SAMBA, AFP (Bonjour), FTP (Bonjour), WEBDAV (Bonjour)).
  • Network browser allows to view content of the remote server easily.
  • You can manage files of the remote server and view the file’s content in servers easily.

Allows sharing files from your device to others with built-in Media Server (UPnP), WebDAV server (http) and http server.

  • BUZZ Player Media Server allows sharing files from devices to all upnp-supported devices including: TV, Game console, PC, Tablet, Smart phone...
  • BUZZ Player WebDAV Server allows sharing files from devices to all webdav-supported devices.
  • BUZZ Player Http Server allows viewing files in your device through any web browser in any devices.
  • It allows you to share files when setting BUZZ Player as the background mode (turn off screen or switch to another application).


  • BUZZ Player has tons of other features with friendly design, easy using. We keep BUZZ Player always up to date by constantly releasing free updates with new features to improve the app all the time.

Let's start using BUZZ Player now to feel what it could do!