This feature is available for:

Connect to Servers

To connect to Server:

  1. Tap on "Connect To Servers" button on the bottom toolbar on main screen to display Connect to Servers screen, you will see all shared servers on your local network. You can add your servers manually by entering its information, too.
  2. Tap on the server that you want to connect, you may need to enter user name and password to connect.
  3. If you want to add your servers manually by entering its information. Please do the following steps:
  4. On the Connect to Servers screen, tap on Edit button, you will see the Add Server button on the top-left of the screen.

    Tap on the Add Server button, choose the server type on the next screen, and enter server information. After entering information, tap on the Add button.

  5. Once you connected to a server, the server information will be saved to "Connected Servers" section. In the next time, you may connect to that server by tap on it.
  6. If error occurs while connecting to server and you cannot resolve it, please refer to Troubleshooting help section:

Remember Specified Path From Server for Quick Access

To remember a path:

  1. On the "File Browser" screen, tap on Edit button to switch to edit mode, you will see the More (..) button on the bottom toolbar.
  2. Tap on the More button, you will see the "Remember This Path" button on the action sheet.
  3. Tap on the "Remember This Path" button.
  4. If the path is remebered, you can forget it by the same steps.

Reload Contents

BUZZ Player implements "Pull down to Reload" mechanism. You can reload content by the following step:

  1. On the screen that you want to reload content (File Browser, Connect to Servers...), pull down the content. You will see the "Release to reload" message. Release your finger, the content will be reloaded.

Change Audio, Video & Subtitle Language in Multi languages Movie

To change the language, do the following steps:

  1. On the "Media Player" screen, tap on Info button. You will see the info screen.
  2. On the Info screen, choose desired Video, Audio and Subtitle track.

Audio volume is too small. How do I make it louder.

With some audio/video files, you can't hear the audio clearly although you've made audio volume to max value. Please do the following steps to boost the audio volume:

  1. On the "Media Player" screen, tap on Info button. You will see the info screen.
  2. On the Info screen, tap on Audio segment to open Audio information. You will see the "Sound Boost" slider. Adjust slider to desired volume. If no "Sound Boost" slider, you will need to change the "Playback Settings". Please refer to the step 3.
  3. Change "Playback Settings" to use "Sound Boost" feature.
    From Media Player screen, tap on Stop button to stop playback.
    Tap on Settings button on the toolbar of main screen. Settings screen will be displayed.
    Choose the "Media Playback Settings" and change "Prefered Video Decoder" to "Custom H/W Decoder".
    Now you can open your movie/audio again and repeat to step 1.
    Note: If you don't need to use "Sound Boost" feature anymore, you should to change "Prefered Video Decoder" back to "System H/W Decoder".

Open streaming audio/video.

To open streaming audio/video (from IP Camera, Live TV...), please do the following steps:

  1. Open the "Web Browser" screen by tap on "Web Browser" barbutton on the main screen. Web Browser screen will be displayed.
  2. On the "Web Browser" screen, tap on the address textfield and enter address then press Go key on the keyboard. Media Playback feature will be called.

I can't see movie's subtitle. How do I resolve it?

If you can see subttile, please do the following steps to check:

  1. Check the subtitle is existing or not: On the Media Playback screen, tap on Subtitle button to open Subtitle Settings screen. On the Subtitle Settings screen, check "Display Subtitle" is ON or not. If it OFF, turn it ON, otherwise, go to step 2.
  2. On the Subtitle Settings screen, scroll down to check "SUBTILE FILE" section contains subtitle file or not. If subtitle file does not exist, please tap on "Browse..." cell to choose subtitle files. Note: You can only choose subtitle files that stored in your device, for subtitle files that stored in server, please download to your device then choose them.
  3. If subtitle files already existed in "SUBTILE FILE" section, but you can't see the text. Please tap on "Text Encoding" cell to change text encoding to match with text encoding of your subtitle file. Note: BUZZ Player detects text encoding automatically, but in somecases, it can't detect correctly, so you have to choose text encoding manually.


Manage Files

More poweful file management functions such as Move, Delete, Rename, Compress, Decompress... files, folders on BUZZ Player at arbitrary levels folder (not only root folder).

USB files transfer

Transfer files from your computers to BUZZ Player using USB connection.

Wifi files transfer

Transfer files from other devices or computers to BUZZ Player using Wifi connection.

Transfer files between iOS apps

Transfer files between BUZZ Player and other apps on your device by using Open In... function of iOS 4 and later, import/export pictures from/to Photos app.

Files sharing via HTTP/WebDAV or Media Server (UPnP)

Detailed instruction to share all files/folders on BUZZ Player via HTTP/WebDAV or Media Server (UPnP) feature.

Connect to servers

Download/Upload/Stream files from/to supported servers: FTP, SMB, AFP, WebDav, Dropbox,, Google Docs, Media Server (UPnP).

Video & Audio Player

Detailed instruction when viewing video & audio files (avi, mp4, mp3, mkv...) in Video & Audio viewer.

Picture Viewer

Detailed instruction when viewing picture files (jpg, png, jpeg, bmp, gif, tif...) in Picture viewer.